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Product Name Product Details
1. Acrylic Thermo Plastic AC-300 Acrylic Lacquer Industrial Coating 
2. Acrylic Thermo Plastic AC-300 W Series Acrylic Lacquer Waterbased 
3. Acrylic Thermo Plastic AC-700 Acylic Lacquer Heavy Duty 
4. Acrylic Thermo Plastic High Heat Silicone AC-SHH Acrylic High Heat Silicone 
5. Acrylic Thermo Plastic Phosphorescent AC-1330P Acrylic Laquer Luminescent (Glow In The Dark) 
6. Acrylic Thermo Plastic Silicone Clear Sealer AC-SHH-1002 Acrylic Clear Silicone Sealer 
7. Aepon Polyamide Epoxy C-00 Series Epoxy Polyamide For Cement, Concrete, Fiberglass, Wood, And Metal 
8. Aepon Polyamide Epoxy Strontium Chromate Primer - C-00-PC-2010 Epoxy Polyamide Stronthium Chromate Primer 
9. Aepon Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer - C-00-ZRE12 Epoxy Polyamide Zinc Rich Primer, Cold Galvanizing Primer 
10. Alphos 40 - Metal Conditioner Concentrate Metal Cleaner, Rust Remover and Cleaner For Ceramic, Tile and Masonry 
11. Containers Empty containers, glass, metal and plastic, from 2 ounce bottles to 5 gallon cans. 
12. Industrial Solvents Solvents For Industrial, Commercial Use 
13. Marine Enamel E-00 Series Alkyd Oil Based Enamel 
14. Military Specifications Military and Federal Specifications 
15. Moisture Cure Urethane MC-40 Exterior Clear Urethane Glaze Coat For Metal, Tile, Wood and Masonry  
16. Penta WR Clear - PWR-802 Clear Water Repellant For Wood 
17. PFE 100 Series Latex Semi-Gloss 
18. PFE Asbestos Sealer Waterbased Asbestos Sealer 
19. PFE-1330P P.F.E Waterborne Phosphorescent/Luminescence Coating 
20. Pigments Dry powder pigments and liquid pigments used to color and tint solvent and water based paint. 
21. Polythane CP-500 Series Urethane Two Component High Gloss Coating For Metal, Wood, Tile and Porcelain 
22. Polyurethane Enamel P-00 Series Polyurethane One Can Oil Modified Enamel 
23. Polyurethane Red Iron Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer P-0024 Polyurethane One Can Oil Modified Red Iron Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer 
24. Polyurethane Zinc Rich - EZRC Series Zinc Rich Primer, Cold Galvanizing, Weld Touchup, One Can System  
25. PSR 100 Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor, Lubricant 
26. S-02 Aepon Epoxy Reducer Reducer for Aepon Epoxy, cleaning equipment and solvent wiping 
27. S-04 II CP-500 Polythane NL Reducer Reduces Polythane no lead formulas, cleans equipment and is used for solvent wiping. 
28. S-04 Polythane Reducer Reduces CP-500 Polythane, cleans equipment and is used for solvent wiping. 
29. S-05 Reducer Reduces VPP-702 Vinyl Phenolic Primer, VS-190 Vinyl Sealer, removes glues and adhesives, cleans... 
30. S-06 MEK Reducer Reduces VS-2005 Vinyl Strip Coat, is useful as a water scavenge, thoroughly cleans equipment and is... 
31. S-07 Mineral Spirits A high kauri-butanol value mineral spirits used for reducing Marine Enamel, Oil Modified... 
32. S-10 Acrylic Reducer Reduces Acrylic Thermo Plastic coatings, cleans equipment and is used for solvent wiping. 
33. S-11 Urethane Reducer Reduces MC-40 Moisture Cured Urethane, cleans equipment and is used for solvent wiping. 
34. S-13 PVC Acrylic Reducer Reduces Acrylic Thermo Plastic, when applied to PVC plastic, cleans equipment and is used for... 
35. Solvents Industrial use solvents available to industrial/commercial users. See data sheet for specifics. 
36. Surface Sentry Penecone - SSP-002 Clear Silicone Sealer For Concrete, Cement, Masonry, Brick, Tile, Leather, Porous Surfaces 
37. Vinyl Acrylic Latex - VAL-100 Flat Latex 
38. Vinyl Phenolic Primer VPP-702 Vinyl Wash Primer, Two Component Etching Primer. For Glass, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Metal and... 
39. Vinyl Sealer VS-190 Clear Vinyl Sealer For Wood, Fabric and Porous Surfaces  
40. Vinyl Strip Coat VS-2005 Strippable Vinyl Coating. Temporary Masking, Stop Off Coating For Metal Plating and Spray Booth... 
41. Weather Barrier WB-005 Acrylic Waterbased Elastomeric Coating For Roofs and Styrofoam