75 Southbelt Industrial Drive
Houston, Texas 77047

From its inception in 1951, Preservo Paint & Coatings Manufacturing Company has had a formula for success: manufacture exceptional products, develop new and innovative products, protect our environment and provide outstanding customer service.

Manufacturing paint is very similar to cooking; we use combinations of wet and dry ingredients processed through some of the same machinery that is used to produce food products. At Preservo Paint, we use only the finest, freshest, highest quality raw materials and our paints and coatings are still made in small, tightly controlled batches. Quality control is the most important part of the process throughout the manufacturing stages, from ensuring the raw materials are in specification, to the simple things like making sure a paint can is clean and debris free before filling it with paint. Every batch of paint and coatings we manufacture is tested in our laboratory before shipment.

Preservo Paint manufactured the first coating sent into outer space with our nationís space program. In the early 1970ís, a full twenty years before most of our competitors began to formulate water-based industrial coatings, a patent for a waterborne inorganic zinc industrial primer was granted to our company. This kind of innovation is challenging and exciting to us and we continually seek to improve and develop new ideas and concepts.

As a second-generation family owned and operated business, protecting the environment has always been a major concern for our company. Our paint waste has never been discharged into ground pits or into any water supply. Paint rejected due to color error is given to non-profit organizations at no charge. The best protection for our environment is to use the paint that will offer the longest life span for your project. Using an inappropriate paint, or one that requires you to paint every year, contributes to air pollution. Even many water-based paints contain some solvent. The best environmental stewardship is to use a high quality paint that will allow you to paint less often.

At Preservo Paint & Coatings Manufacturing Company we consider customer service to be our number one job. We constantly evolve in order to fulfill the needs and requirements of our clients. Your success is our success, we feel like we are creating a partnership with you. Some of our clients have been with our firm for over fifty years. Our products, innovation, and concern for environment, along with our commitment to customer service have provided our formula for success. The Preservo Paint factory is ready to serve you and contribute to the success of your next project.